Quality Control Measures

We, at Macha, believe in making every cup of tea perfect. And in order to do so we ensure that the quality and purity of the tea that reaches our customers is maintained throughout all the processes. it is mandatory for all the employees are engaged in each process to use head caps and shoe caps. We regularly and consistently engage in processes that help us keep our facility clean and hygienic. We ensure fewer manual interventions in our processes, which is why we use conveyor belts to transfer tea in between the processes.

From being plucked in the fields to bubbling up in the kettle, we ensure every grain of tea matches our strict quality standards. We do so by sample testing before every procurement of any tea and other ingredients.

We, at Macha Tea ensure that it is our responsibility to not only source-excellent tea leaves from the best of suppliers, but also to ensure consistency of aroma, texture, and flavour of tea.

Once the procurement is done, we store the tea in a cool, moisture-free isolated place that iscleaned on a regular basis. Our tea is then tasting in a controlled environment by our professionals. The tea then goes through the process of cleaning where dust and other particles are removed by a fully automatic machine with no manual involvement. Under the watch of our professionals the tea is then blended in a fully automated machine.

We make sure that the end of the process we have a familiar and perfect blend, the blend that maintains the taste, aroma, and flavour of Macha. The tea is then packaged by a completely automated machine with high-quality laminates. The tea is then weighed shipped to be brewed in the homes of our customers.

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